Guys, Father's Day is THIS SUNDAY, and if you're a sometimes last-minute planner (like me) and aren't really feelin' spending your Saturday browsing the endless card aisles at Target, I got ya covered.

In my shop is a fun little collection of hand-lettered, sweet, and light-hearted Father's Day printable cards that you can instantly purchase, download, and print right from the comfort of your own home. Yay!

Guys, I am convinced that printable cards are THE best. Why? Here are just a few reasons why I love them:

  1. They are inexpensive: Only $3.50 per file, and you can print as many as you want.
  2. They are fast: Within one button click, you have an instant download you can print immediately at home or send to your local printer. Procrastinators, unite!
  3. They last forever: Once you have the PDF, you always have the PDF. Save and use again next year!
  4. They are handmade & original: Need I say more?

In this quirky collection of Father's Day cards, I've included a little something for everyone: the traditional, strong father, the quirksy hipster dad, fathers, fathers-in-law, and even some generic cards that are versatile for any man in your life that adorns the name "dad." Simply click on each card to take you to my shop. Hope you find something you love.


June 1st... when did that happen?? This month's desktop wallpaper is now available for download. Happy Summer, everyone!

June desktop wallpaper

wallpaper tips.jpg
  1. Open the file in your browser.
  2. Save to your computer.
  3. In System Preferences (Mac), select "Desktop" (on a PC, select Windows Icon > Settings > Personalization > Background)
  4. Find the downloaded image on your computer, select it, and make sure to select "Full Screen".
  5. Image should immediately appear on your desktop.

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Jane Austen Styled Shoot-Jane Austen-0106 (1).jpg

That Mr. Darcy sure does have a way with words, which is why I chose this sweet, timeless quote to use in our recent romantic, Jane Austen inspired wedding photo shoot. Coordinated by Jenny B Photography, our team of talented local wedding vendors spent an afternoon at River Farm, one of George Washington's many gardens along the Potomac River. The location has so much beauty and history, which made it real easy to channel our inner Jane Austen while capturing the essence of an Austen novel and the historical British backdrop she so beautifully captures in her stories. Some of the details included neutral colors, cascading greenery, mismatched tea cups and saucers, gold accents, lovely delicate lace, and vintage books. 

As far as my part in this lovely day, I got to design the invitation suite, menu, and table number, as well as add a touch of hand lettering on the painted vintage mirror. 



Chris and I just returned from an amazing getaway in Jamaica, and I thought I'd share some photos here from the trip, because who doesn't love a good ol' vacay recap? Especially when said photos involve clear, blue waters and palm trees!

We stayed at Couples Tower Isle Resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and HIGHLY recommend this place if you're looking for a beautiful and affordable all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. It has this really nice, laid back resort vibe that doesn't feel pretentious or too swanky but is still absolutely beautiful in it's simplicity, airiness, and atmosphere. The food is excellent with tons of fresh and healthy options, the customer service was always warm and friendly, the room was nice and spacious with an excellent view of the ocean, and the beach. The BEACH! Their private beach is just beautiful, with plenty of space for lots of sunbathers and swimmers, the water is clear as day, and there were always enough shady spots to escape to and relax in. We literally went to the pool ZERO times, because, ummm... the OCEAN. 

There is so much to do around the resort and in the water - pretty much any watersport activity, scuba and sailing excursions, waterfall excursions, etc. We did a quick sailboat ride as well as a snorkeling excursion, and that was enough for us. For the majority of the time, we just enjoyed swimming in and relaxing by the water with our books, drinks, and sunshine, and it was perfect.

Thank you, Couples Tower Isle for the most beautiful and refreshing vacation! 


Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the holidays and all their hype - in my case, capitalizing on Mother's Day by creating cute cards to sell to my customers - while forgetting that for many people, holidays often serve as reminders of loved ones that have passed away, children they have lost, miscarriages, disappointment, and broken relationships. So while, yes, on this Mother's Day, we need to celebrate and encourage the hard-working moms around us with all vigor and excitement, we also need to remember to be sensitive to, acknowledge, and encourage those who have lost babies, who have hard mother/child relationships or no mother at all, and those who have desired to be mothers for so long yet are still longing for and waiting for a child.

Life is filled with joys and sorrows, and we must remember to "rejoice with those who are rejoicing AND weep with those who are weeping" as God beautifully tells us to do in His word (Romans 12:15). 

I hope you can use this free printable card to encourage someone in your life this weekend and remind them that they are not forgotten or alone in their sorrows. Let's lift one another up, in good seasons and in hard ones. For the glory of God. 


Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it's not too late to buy some last-minute cards for the special ladies in your life. I've designed a small collection of printable cards for all kinds of different mommas out there - hope you find something you like.

Click here or on each individual photo below to shop all the cards.


Happy May! This month's desktop freebie is available for download. Enjoy.

Desktop Wallpaper Tips
  1. Open the file in your browser.
  2. Save to your computer.
  3. In System Preferences (Mac), select "Desktop" (on a PC, select Windows Icon > Settings > Personalization > Background)
  4. Find the downloaded image on your computer, select it, and make sure to select "Full Screen".
  5. Image should immediately appear on your desktop.

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When I first moved to Virginia, I worked for a local design firm (ADG) for about a year, and one of the first projects I did with them was branding for Texas Jack's Barbecue, a new restaurant in Arlington, VA. The team at ADG did it all - interior design, architectural updates, and branding. My Creative Director and I spent months working together on brand development, as well as work closely alongside the interiors team to create an atmosphere that was cohesive and beautiful with a few little surprising details along the way.

As far as branding, we covered everything - logo, tagline, website, stationery, signage, menus, stickers, carryout bags, coasters, wall installations, table tents, and more - and I have to say, this was one of the most challenging, fun, and rewarding projects I've ever been a part of. I felt like a bit of an amateur, working on a project of this scale and with so much impact, but I learned so much about the branding process, client relationships, processes for maintaining a lot of moving parts at any given time, working with numerous vendors, ordering large scale art, site visits, pushing my brain beyond its creative limits, and so much more.

Walking into the restaurant for the first time after the grand opening was like walking into a dream. So many months of planning, designing, mockups, ideas, brainstorming, CAD drawings, architectural maps, proofs... and then getting to see all the pieces come together to form one beautiful masterpiece was incredible. One of the girls I worked with described it as like being a part of making movie or developing a set for a play, and then showing up on opening night and getting to witness it come to life in all it's glory for the most beautiful performance. Couldn't have said it better myself. 

We ended the project with a night out at Texas Jack's together, where we ate a delicious barbecue feast (compliments of our amazing and gracious boss who ordered every - yes EVERY - single item on the menu, just so we could try it all) and celebrated the night away. Go team!

So, one of my favorite pieces I got to design was a large-scale hand lettered wall installation featuring quirky quotes about meat, barbecue, and whiskey. We searched high and low to source the best (and legal) quotes and phrases to include on the wall, and I am just amazed how it turned out. There are all kinds of imperfections and unclean lines and mishaps in lettering shapes, but nonetheless, I like it and am so proud to have had the privilege of making my mark (literally) on Northern Virginia. 

Fun fact: this wall was recently given a 2017 ADDY® Silver Award Winner for Installation Design!

Thanks to my amazing and talented friend and photographer, Anne Kim, I now have beautiful professional photos of the wall, and I'm excited to share them with you here. And thanks to ADG for the opportunity to work for such an amazing firm on an incredible project (and for letting me use this in my portfolio!).

*Also, make sure to check out the entire branding project on Design ADG's site.*

Digital rendering - click to enlarge.