Want to decorate for Fall but not spend bookoos of money to do it? You gotta get crafty, people! I found this great wreath project on Pinterest the other day, and I decided to make one myself and share it with you. It's easy, cheap, and so so pretty. Nothing like bringing natural elements into your home decor.

Here are the basics to making the wreath of your DREAMS.

One more optional step is to spray paint your twigs. As you can see below, I spray painted mine white. However, I think they look just as pretty in their natural state. Either way, you got yourself one rockin' piece of art. And yes, I just said rockin'.

Here are some ways I hung the wreath in my home. Right now, its current home is in our office above my desk (see below):

To see the genius behind the original wreath tutorial, go here.

I'd love to see your wreath ideas. Please do share in the comment section below!

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