Living in a small town, where there is no craft store or Target, I am often forced to get creative in where I find outlets for my artistic endeavors. A while back, Chris and I made our way into Tractor Supply for some gardening supplies, and I came across a stack of burlap sacks for about $1.50 a piece. I didn't have a project in mind, but I picked a couple up anyway knowing at some point I'd have an epiphany.

Well, someone had an epiphany, because it turns out my friend Claire (who by the way is making an array of cameos on the blog lately!) saw something on Pinterest that sounded like the perfect project for a lazy Sunday afternoon: burlap pillows.

Here's how we did it, with our $1.50 burlap sacks and some sharpies...

First, iron out your bag, so that there are no creases in it.

Then, take a pencil and paper and draw out your stencil: any image will do. Claire chose "NOEL", and I chose an ampersand symbol.

Cut out your stencil and lay it on your sack (make sure to slide a thick piece of cardboard inside the bag as to not let the sharpie's ink run through on the other side).

Grab an old pillow and stuff it inside your sack, then fold the leftover side to the back. Now, there is one slight problem I haven't worked out yet... how to secure the other side where the flap hangs over. For now, it's sitting as is on my living room chair, but I may eventually sew on a button to secure it in the back. But does it really matter...


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