Hello friends, I hope you had a joyful and celebratory Christmas holiday and are ready to start a fresh new year because, well, it's here!

I know it has been weeks since my last blog post, and you know what that means... I've been busy as 2011 has come to a close. However, I want to share just a tidbit of what we've been up to until I can put together some more fun design-y blog posts in the next week or so.

After our usual Texas Christmas tour seeing all of our families this past week, Chris and I spent the last 2 days of the year on a little getaway - just the two of us - in the country. Some dear friends of ours let us borrow their lake house for the weekend just outside of town near one of the biggest and most beautiful lakes in the Texas hill country. We had a blast not doing anything productive but just being together away from all the demands of life. We stayed up late, watched movies, read, slept in (no alarm clocks!), hiked some trails, biked through the neighborhood, ate good food, and laughed a lot. This was just what we needed.

There's nothing more inspiring and refreshing than being in the country with my man. And I am thankful for the Creator who lets us enjoy such immense and incomprehensible beauty.

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