Want to see what happens when I have a couple of spare hours, a garage full of gardening materials, an old throw-away lamp shade, and a constant urge to play interior decorator? Goodness, somebody STOP me.

You may have seen these types of lamps floating around the internet lately:

Sources: left imageandright image

I am really loving the industrial style of these lights and think they make a great statement in a room. Well, last weekend, I thought I'd give a shot at my own version when I came across a package of chicken wire in the garage that is supposedly for a gardening project my husband is working on... "But honey, you have it all wrong... making a lamp shade out of netting used for chicken coops is PERFECTLY normal. PERFECTLY. NORMAL." 

Well then, let's get to it, shall we? Here are some basic instructions that are, well, more like guidelines...

Supplies you will need: chicken wire, an old lampshade, scissors or wire cutters, a lamp kit, and a light bulb (I have yet to find the right bulb for exposed lighting... but I know they're out there.)

So what's the verdict? Not the fairest lamp shade of them all. It could definitely use some more attention AND some type of burlap or twine wrapped around the white cord; however, it's still a fun little afternoon project if you have the supplies and the time. Here are a couple examples of DIY pendants using a wire basket instead of the chicken wire - a much simpler and prettier approach:

Ashley Ann Photography DIY Pendant Light

The Virginia House DIY Pendant Light

Any thoughts or suggestions? I'd love to hear you bright ideas.

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