Today's featured artist has closed her computer screen and picked up a box of chalk... old school style. You've probably seen graphic artist Dana Tanamachi's chalk art pop up all over design and wedding blogs, Pinterest, in catalogs, on wine bottles, and in retail stores. I am so proud of this girl. Not only is she insanely gifted, but for as long as I've known her (all the way back to high school choir!), she has been an example of humility and integrity in all she does. The design industry has gained a GEM, and she is making her mark... literally.

Dana and Oprah in front of her most recent project:

A time-lapse video of Dana doing her thang:

I had to see it myself: Dana's art that dominated West Elm stores all over the country during the holidays:

I've GOT to get me one of those giant chalkboard walls in my house PRONTO!