This Christmas, Chris surprised me with a totally awesome gift: a Wacom Bamboo Tablet. I've been having tons of fun using it, drawing pictures on my screen, and getting the hang of this crazy digital pen and paper. Isn't it swanky?

I'm excited to have the ability to expand my territory a bit - now I can create my own images rather than having to depend on the internet to provide them for me all the time. I'll have to brush up on my drawing skills a bit (it's been a while), but that will be good for me. My inner "doodler" is calling...

Here's a little sneak peak at some wings I drew up the other day for a logo/t-shirt design I am working on right now for a local biz.

In other news, I got my Employee ID (Tax ID) number today... we are making progress, people. I have been trying to be productive to take care of all the tedious "business-y" things that sometimes overwhelm me. Pretty soon, I'll have an online shop with various paper goods for sale and the ability to take orders online.

Oh, and I started posting on Twitter. I thought the day would never come when I actually said "Follow me on Twitter," but seriously... follow me on Twitter (@rebekahdisch). I suppose this will be a good "marketing" tool for business. And I have to say, I love those little pound sign tags. They really are hilarious. #seriouslywhattheheck #somuchfornonconformity