I'm excited to reveal this labor of love with you today. And brag a little on my husband. Chris' job at our local church is heading up music, administration, and media, and he was recently put in charge of re-designing the website. As he approached this daunting task, he researched, bought a WordPress template, and dove right in to create something sleek, simple, modern and extremely representative of our little church here. He has labored over this day and night, and I am so impressed with his knack for learning and how skilled he has become over time as he's taught himself all the ins and outs of creating and maintaining a website.  It's tedious stuff!

It has been fun for me to work alongside him to give design input and create web graphics that he can plug into the site. This kind of graphic design is so fun for me. And I've learned a lot from him about the basics of web design and how it all works behind the scenes. I love how we can share these kinds of projects together and learn from one another. Go team Disch!

Here are a few screen shots of some of the graphics I designed, and here is the link to the site. Click around and enjoy.