I am so attracted to the paper flower trend that has been all over the internet lately, and I just love the concept of having floral goodness that never wilts or dies. I found a tutorial the other day that had to do with flowers made out of coffee filters, and that is what inspired this DIY project.

You probably don't even need to make a trip to the store, because this baby requires only three materials that you most likely already own: coffee filters, a sturdy branch with lots of twigs, and a hot glue gun. And this seriously took me about 15 minutes tops.


1. Take a coffee filter, scrunch it up and twist the bottom a bit.
2. Wrap the bottom around a part of the branch, and glue to secure.

3. Repeat several times until you have the desired amount of "blossoms" on your branch.
4. Give yourself a pat on that back, because you're done!

My branch was tall and sturdy enough that I could just nestle it against the wall by my couch, but you may need some kind of large vase to put it in, depending on where you want to display it in your house. You could even attach it to the wall like a piece of art or hang it above a baby's crib for a pretty mobile. Oooh I love that idea.

You can do a large scale version (like mine), or a smaller version with a bunch of small twigs in a vase. I went ahead and made myself a little twig-flower to show you how easy this really is. These would also make really pretty, inexpensive, and easy decorations for a wedding, bridal shower, or any special occasion, don't you think? Oh, the possibilities.

Coffee filters... who knew?

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