I've been on a blog hiatus lately, unintentionally really. BUT I have some great news to make up for lost time - My "Baby Love" baby shower invitation design has been chosen as an Editor's Pick on Minted.com! Out of a total of 595 designs submitted, 30 were voted as the top winners, and 69 more designs were chosen as Editor's Picks. I was thrilled that I was even chosen at all, not to mention a $100 cash prize and 6% commission on all sales on top of that.

I have to say that winning one of these awards was a good morale-booster for me. I can get so easily discouraged as I look at other beautiful work of other talented designers and fall into the comparison game that is so debilitating. Entering this contest and putting my work on the line just reminded me that although I have a lot to learn, and I mean a LOT, it's nice to know that the art I make is appreciated by someone out there. I feel like I've been challenged to push the envelope a little more creatively and have gained a bit more confidence along the way.

So, thanks to you all who took the time to vote and support this little feat. Pretty soon, my design will be up and running on Minted.com for your purchasing pleasure. And here is the link to the design challenge page if you would like to view the other incredible submissions.