Hiiiiiii from the Disch household! We are pretty pumped about summertime, can you tell? From planning trips, celebrating our upcoming (third!!) anniversary, backyard BBQs with friends, keeping up with our ever-producing garden, enjoying quiet moments of reading and studying, babysitting fun little kiddos, and doing lots of driving and spending time together, we've stayed pretty busy already.

I am always inspired by seeing what other people are up to through photos, so I thought I'd share some glimpses of summer through my lens. I feel like I've been able to, lately, soak up all the little things in life that bring joy, whether temporal or eternal, and find myself so grateful these days for life, enjoyment, friends, marriage, the outdoors, the sunshine... God has given us so much more than we deserve. What are you thankful for today? There is just so much, isn't there. :)

What are your summertime favorites? Whether small (like lip gloss) or big (like road trips), I'd love to hear! Have you blogged about these? Then share your link below in the comments section.