This morning, I was sitting with my coffee, reading, thinking... and I just became overwhelmed by the sweet friendships God has given me here. Real, quality, "iron sharpens iron" friendships that are solid, fun, encouraging... They took years to form, and I am reminded that you must be patient, as real, solid relationships are built slowly but steadily as you experience life together. My cup is literally overflowing with thankfulness for these women whom I love, trust, and have grown SO much with. So, in honor of these sweet friends of mine, I am excited to reveal a new art print today!

Recently, a good friend had a birthday, and I wanted to give her something hand-made and special to show my appreciation and thankfulness for her friendship. I found this sweet quote by Hellen Keller and I thought, this is perfect. I think these words sum up the the joy that these kindred-spirit kind of friends bring. So, I went to town in my sketchbook and made it my own. Hope you enjoy.