It was a cozy afternoon during Christmas week. He was sitting in front of me with the camera rolling, watching and anticipating my reaction to what I would find inside this little box wrapped in green and red. I was tearing through the packaging, with a mouthful of Christmas candy, and before I knew it, I was looking at my gift. I held this $300 Cannon 50mm 1.4 lens in my hands, and I was stunned. "This costs too much, babe! This is just too much! Oh my gosh! I love it!" (feeling just a tad guilty that my gift to him was of no comparison - just something hand-made... go figure.) Regardless, his lit-up eyes upon seeing me so pumped was enough.

So, I have this new lens now and have put it to very little use (aside from a couple recent trips), and just this weekend I was compelled to pick it up. Really pick it up for the fun of it, and start snapping again.

On the one hand, I think it's become way too easy to take too many pictures. I find myself pulling out my iphone numerous times a day, only to find each month when I am syncing my phone to my computer, I have all these random photos of things I quite frankly don't really even care about as much as I did at the moment I "clicked," and I either keep them out of guilt or simply end up pushing "delete." I mean, really, what am I going to do with all of them? (please refer to this Jim Gaffigan clip.)

On the other hand, whatever. Don't overthink it. Taking pictures is fun. So, this weekend, I was inspired to take some time with my camera, and shoot (would Jim Gaffigan approve? I'm not so sure!). They will probably mean nothing to most onlookers, but for me, these captured our restful weekend at home. Here's to the glorious week's end, more thoughtful pics, and more (or less?) computer storage space.

PicMonkey Collage
PicMonkey Collage2

Our pups who bring us so much joy. Invested in a new grill last year, and it has paid off bigtime. Try telling me baked chicken is better than grilled chicken... you can't, because it's just not true. We had this sago palm we bought last Summer. It spent all Winter, Spring, and half of this Summer in our dark stuffy garage after I thought it had bit the dust. I finally looked at it for the first time in months, and alas, it was growing leaves again. How it was reborn, I have no idea.... Then I found out sago palms are extremely toxic to household dogs. Shoot. Chris studying, reading, learning... this man is diligent. My dad sent purple flowers for my birthday, and I replanted them in this cute little tin vase and added some hand-made flair. Awww. Glimpse of the back porch (umbrella was a last-season $30 WalMart clearance find, thank you!) And a very common expression of Jasper these days, tongue hanging out sideways and loving his spoiled little life.

What on earth will NEXT weekend bring?