Trying New Things + a Pattern Camp Review

Pattern Camp florals

Last month, I completed Jessica Swift's Online Pattern Camp Class. I never thought I'd be interested in surface design or pattern-making, but the design firm I work at offered to pay for my enrollment in the class (sweet!), and I jumped at the opportunity.

Many of the first few lessons are basic introductory lessons like how to use Illustrator tools, scanning in sketches, etc. (things I already utilize daily), but it was still inspiring to see someone else's process and gain a few new tips. Once we got into the pattern-making tutorials, I. WAS. HOOKED. Jessica does an excellent job at teaching several different ways to make patterns in Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as helping push your brain creatively to think outside of the box. I've only made just a few patterns so far and know I've only scratched the surface of this amazing world of pattern-making. I feel like I've been introduced to a whole new level of design possibilities and am excited to put these newfound skills to work and use them in my design offerings in days to come.

Has anyone else taken Jessica's class? I'd love to hear your thoughts about it and how you're using your patterns in your work and everyday life.

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