Hey guys, do you like Happy Mail? Surprises? Good steals on handmade products? Well, I have a fun deal going on in the shop right now. Every once in a while, when I place print orders, I receive less-than-perfect prints (slight trimming errors, small ink spots, etc.) that are hardly noticeable but just not good enough to sell at full price. And since I can't stand to throw them away, I've saved them up and have put together a few fun surprise Grab Bags for purchase that include a selection of mis-printed art and discontinued items.

Guys, these Grab Bags are SO FUN and a great way to receive happy mail, either for yourself or to give to a friend. And since the Christmas season is upon us, these would make fun stocking stuffers and gifts for friends and family. 

Here's how it works: Simply VISIT MY SHOP to make your purchase, and I'll send you all of the items below. I only have a handful of these fun Grab Bags, so make sure to snatch one up quickly! Here's what you get in each bag:

1 - Friendship Print, sized just less than 8x10
1 - Randomly picked 8x10 Art Print
1 - Randomly picked 5x7 Art Print
1 - Randomly picked 5x7 Christmas card + envelope
2 - Round "Special Delivery" stickers
8 - 4x6 Recipe Cards

It's like a party in a bag!