A friend recently commissioned me to build, design, and paint her a sign for her boys' room. It was really fun to step away from the computer for a bit, break out the power tools and paints, and build something from scratch with my hands. 

What is most meaningful about this project is the phrase she chose for this piece. The song, "You'll Find Your Way" by Andrew Peterson, is written from a father to his coming-of-age son where he admonishes his son - in his journey through life to find love, hope, and purpose - to "keep to the old roads" and remember the ancient Truths he was taught. It is there that he will find the straight path. There will be temptation in this life to stray from the God who created you and to find hope in other loves that don't ultimately satisfy. But there is only One True Hope that you can cling to that will never leave or forsake you. So, "lash your heart to the ancient mast" and put all your trust and hope in Him. It is the ancient roads - the timeless Truth of the Gospel and the good God who created all things - that lead you home.

I thought I'd share some behind-the-scenes photos of the making of this sign, since it was truly a labor of love and such a joy to make.