Links & Resources to Inspire Creativity

I love the internet. There are endless resources for anyone wanting to learn about anything, and I'm always amazed at the many bits of advice, how-tos, encouragements, tips, and wisdom that people are willing to share to help inspire others.

Well, I've been inspired by some recent online articles and podcasts that speak into all kinds of topics related to creativity and that have challenged me to take a look at my own work, process, and content and really push my limits on where I can take my business creatively.

I've gathered a few of my recent favorites here in one place, and I'd like to share them with you. I hope they are as much of an encouragement and inspiration to you as they are to me.

inspire creativity links


  • No More Excuses: Why You Should Start Your Side Project Already, article by Paul Jarvis
    Inspiring article on pursing those crazy, creative ideas that excite and intimidate you. He debunks some common fears of taking risks and gives encouraging tips and some practical ways you can start small. 
  • Creative Ways to Help your Business Grow, article by Audrey Manning, Etsy Seller Handbook
    This really inspired my to re-think my business and take some time to explore things I love doing and making outside of the usual graphic design and stationery. I am challenged and encouraged to think outside of the box and see how I can take my creative business to the next, and maybe different, level. This kind of development takes time, thought, reflection... but it is well worth the effort.
  • More Doing, Less Promoting: The Key to Creating Great Work, article by Paul Jarvis
    All around us are ads, blog posts, articles telling me "get more Instagram followers!", "quadruple your audience in 90 days!", "how to market yourself like a boss!" and honestly, I'm tired of it. Paul Jarvis makes a good case for putting the majority of your efforts into doing amazing work (rather than marketing every little amazing thing you've done), and letting the work speak for itself.
  • How to Create Content for the New Online World, podcast by Grace Bonney of Design Sponge
    Grace shares her insights as a blogger and content creator and shares some ideas and inspiration on how to create good, quality content that's reflective of you and valuable for your audience. She also shares some really great brainstorming practices and blog post ideas to get the brain pondering and unique ideas flowing.
  • How to Stand Out in an Oversaturated Industry, webinar by Lauren Hooker of Elle & Co.
    Lauren makes an extremely helpful and thorough case on creating work that is original, timeless, and that doesn't follow trends. She differentiates between leaders and followers and how to be a unique voice and creative business owner that doesn't copy others, but sets yourself apart from everyone else.
  • Be the Change in Your Business You Want to See, blog post by Jasmine Star
    Helpful blog post about stepping out and pursuing community and connecting with other creatives. She shares a few fun and fresh ideas on how to do this, which inspired me to reach out and plan a meet-up of local entrepreneurs I had recently met in a Facebook group.



  • The Freelancer, by Paul Jarvis
    Paul might be one of my favorite thought leaders in the creative industry. He's been around long before there was Instagram and Pinterest, and he keeps it real with his unconventional approach to creative business and gives hilarious, insightful, and genuinely honest food-for-thought for entrepreneurs. (PS, his email newsletter is gold.)
  • After the Jump, by Grace Bonney of Design Sponge
    Grace is the design and blogging QUEEN. Her podcast is full of gems and rich content where she features dozens of interviews with major figureheads in every design industry and offers her own expert advice for thriving as a creative individual in your own corner of the world. I particularly love her two interviews with interior designer, Genevieve Gorder.
  • Elise Gets Crafty, by Elise Joy
    Elise shares insights and helpful tools from running her own creative business. She also interviews a good amount of other creative entrepreneurs, which is really inspiring.
  • The Upload Podcast, by Mike Groesser
    Mike's goal is to support and encourage creative businesses to be awesome and effective. His podcast features his own insights as well as many fun interviews with cool people. My favorite is his interview with Amanda Wright from Wit & Whistle (one of my favorite makers/bloggers).
  • Being Boss, by Emily Thompson & Kathleen Shannon
    These ladies are hilarious. They both run their own individual creative businesses and share on this podcast their own lessons they've learned along the way in running a small biz. They also interview some fun people on the show, which I enjoy the most. 
  • The Way I Heard It, by Mike Rowe
    So, this is not a creative business podcast... necessarily. But when Mike Rowe says something, you listen. Because he is THE MAN. In this podcast, he takes true stories, condenses them into two-minute summaries, and shares them. And as artists, we are all story-tellers in a sense, right? Anyway, give it a listen. It's great writing, great storytelling, great fun. 

Have a favorite podcast, blog, website, or other resource that is inspiring to you? I'm always on the hunt for good stuff, so let me know what you got.