Free Printable: Weekly & Monthly Planners


Years ago, a friend introduced me to some printable planners she found online that helped with business planning and organization. I loved the idea of printing a new, fresh calendar each week and being able to write down - to the day - what things I need to accomplish and what goals I want to set. So, I tried them out and was instantly hooked. Now, of course, this isn't a replacement for the amazing digital GoogleCalendar (can't live without that one!), but for me, these printable calendars are a great supplement for the day-to-day business tasks. After my first few weeks of using this planner, I found that I wanted to adjust it for my specific needs and preferences, and alas my own monthly and weekly planner printable was born. 

Now, these are not super fancy or complicated, and I am definitely not reinventing the wheel (just search "planner printables" on Pinterest, and you'll's insane). But for me, this particular design that I've redeveloped and edited over the years has really worked for me, and I still love it and still use it to this day, and after all these years am finally offering it as a free printable for you too. Here's what you get:



This calendar gives you a month-at-a-glance, where you can jot down all of the necessary items week-by-week. There's a section for main events and deadlines for the month, a place for specific goals, and notes sections for personal and business. 


The weekly calendar breaks down the monthly calendar into a week-at-a-time that gives you room to organize your to do list by the day in two sections: business and personal. The calendar also includes a section for noting key events or deadlines that week to keep in mind. And of course, there's also room for extra personal and business notes.


I hope you give it a try and that you find it helpful to organize your days, and that in the end, it will free you up to focus on what matters because you've planned well and are staying on track. Feel free to leave a comment or post on Instagram how it's working for you. Enjoy!