New Work: Fischer Family Farm



Sadie and Andy of Fischer Family Farm are a husband and wife duo who own and operate a small family farm in Wisconsin. When Sadie contacted me, they were unhappy with their current branding and were in need of a big change. They were at a crucial turning point in their business: They had recently changed their business name (formerly known as Lonely Oak Farms, a common name which was shared by several other farms in Wisconsin!), and they needed to differentiate themselves amongst the many up-and-coming farms that were popping up all over Wisconsin. Being an established business for 7+ years, they have developed a host of loyal customers, including supplying meat to seven local restaurants, and they needed a strong new brand design that would communicate the strengths of their farm and preserve the trust of their customers.

Their mission is simple: provide honest, quality, locally- and ethically-raised meats to their community, as well as a direct connection between the farmer and the consumer by telling the story behind the food. They pride themselves on integrity and transparency, which honors their farming history and allows them to pass down their values to the next generation, ensuring that things are left better for those yet to come.   

So, with the name change and desire to continue serving their community with the same unique service and products, a quality well-crafted rebrand was crucial to the success of their business.



FFF serves a wide demographic, ranging from the ethically-conscious restaurant who values close relationships with their food sources, to home chefs learning to craft quality recipes; From young, health-conscious parents to the young millennial passionate about health and social responsibility; From curious novices trying this lifestyle for the first time, to elderly folks who desire to eat the same quality of food they grew up with. 

The FFF customer delights in supporting local farmer’s markets and local farmers, they value shopping small, care about where their food comes from, and eat organic whenever possible. Overall, they genuinely value the story behind their food, and they appreciate the hard-working farmers who provide it.


One of the driving forces behind the farm is that it is run by a small, hard-working family, so the goal was to showcase FFF as an established, trustworthy business that has heart and integrity, while giving a nod to the history of pure, wholistic farming practices. The new brand design needed to visually communicate their farming roots, as well as their commitment to honesty and connection.

As far as hierarchy, it was important that "Fischer" was supreme, with the supporting text nestled below. Also, the design needed to feel new and fresh, yet still grounded in order to keep it from feeling too modern to progressive. Therefore, the vintage-style typography and supporting elements help communicate authenticity and a sense that it's been around for a long time. The main colors are black and white, which communicates simplicity and timelessness. I also added in bits of a cheerful, sunny yellow shade that is dispersed in small ways throughout the various designed pieces, to communicate feelings of warmth and friendliness.

In addition to the primary and alternate logos, I designed two submarks: a badge and a monogram. The badge is a nice, circular design that can be used anywhere as a supporting element (social media, packaging, etc.), and the brand (the FFF monogram) is intended to feel more like a well-designed cattle brand.



I love taking branding elements and carrying them through all kinds of different collateral, packaging, and mediums. So far, here's what we've accomplished:

• Logo collection: primary & alternate logos and submarks
• Egg carton stamp
• Egg carton sticker labels
• "Good Morning Beautiful" hand-lettered stamp

This was such a fun project to work on, and I've loved seeing how they are already using their logo in their social media and website. You can check out behind-the-scenes pics of their life on the farm here.