Free Printable: Sympathy Card

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the holidays and all their hype - in my case, capitalizing on Mother's Day by creating cute cards to sell to my customers - while forgetting that for many people, holidays often serve as reminders of loved ones that have passed away, children they have lost, miscarriages, disappointment, and broken relationships. So while, yes, on this Mother's Day, we need to celebrate and encourage the hard-working moms around us with all vigor and excitement, we also need to remember to be sensitive to, acknowledge, and encourage those who have lost babies, who have hard mother/child relationships or no mother at all, and those who have desired to be mothers for so long yet are still longing for and waiting for a child.

Life is filled with joys and sorrows, and we must remember to "rejoice with those who are rejoicing AND weep with those who are weeping" as God beautifully tells us to do in His word (Romans 12:15). 

I hope you can use this free printable card to encourage someone in your life this weekend and remind them that they are not forgotten or alone in their sorrows. Let's lift one another up, in good seasons and in hard ones. For the glory of God.